How to sew toys for children?

How to sew toys for children? Parents often face the dilemma of what toys to buy for their children. On the one hand, we try to limit the ubiquitous plastic wherever possible. It is known that contact with natural materials is more beneficial for the development of a small child. On the other hand, the recently fashionable ecological toys for children seem to be very expensive. Toys made by yourself may be a solution to the problem. It doesn’t have to be difficult at all. How to sew toys for children?

How to choose a material for toys?

When choosing the material from which the toy is to be sewn, remember what our goal is. We want the created toy to be more ecological than the plastic that floods us from everywhere. Therefore, it is worth betting on fabrics or knitted fabrics made of natural fibers, safe for the child’s skin. So, a cotton fabric, both thin canvas and jersey, will be ideal. Linen will work just as well, and in some projects even jute or bamboo fabric.

If we want to prepare accessories for a little princess on our own, silk satin or tulle can be the perfect material. Of course, the material can be purchased at a fabric or tailor shop, both stationary and online. A much more ecological solution, however, will be recycling clothes that we no longer wear.Tablecloths, bed linen or curtains that are no longer needed can also be a great material, which will give them a second life. As accessories, we can use ready-made applications, available in haberdashery, cotton ribbons, colored ribbons, buttons. It all really depends on our creativity and the type of toy we decide to sew.

How to fill material toys for children?

The fabric can be used to sew puppets, which will be used by children later when playing at home theater. However, if soft cuddly toys are to be sewn, you should also obtain a suitable filling for toys. You should pay attention to the functionality of such a filling. Ideally, the toy should be completely washable. Any specially designed nonwovens or silicone balls will work well. The toy can also be filled with scraps of fabric or yarn. If you want to prepare a sensory toy, you can put peas, beans, rice or coarse porridge inside it. In this case, it is also worth ensuring that the filling can be removed before washing. After washing and drying the mascot, it can be refilled, which will ensure hygiene and functionality of the toy.

Where to find patterns for children’s toys?

The children themselves will probably be an inexhaustible source of ideas about what toys to prepare. The favorites among toys are usually any fairy-tale or cartoon characters. But how to prepare a toy pattern? Of course, you can try to make it yourself by drawing on paper, and then transfer it to the material with a tracing paper. To sew ecological toys for children, however, you do not need a great artistic talent. On the Internet, on thematic forums of handmade enthusiasts and websites such as Pinterest, you can find thousands of ready-made designs. You can also easily find ready-made videos showing how to make, sewing and finishing techniques. Thanks to this, the adventure with sewing toys for the youngest can start really nicely.

Material toys – not only cuddly toys

You can sew various toys, they do not necessarily have to be cuddly toys, puppets and characters from fairy tales. A play tent for children can be a great idea. Children love all the houses, tents and shelters that allow them to move into the reality created for the purpose of play. Thanks to such a tent, our children will play in a restaurant, shop, Indian, or just at home. Thanks to sewn-on applications, the tent can gain a unique character, corresponding to the needs of a small owner. Small toys can be sewn by hand using the basic types of sewing stitches. For larger projects, such as tents, teepee or hammocks, the work will be much easier if you use a sewing machine. The simplest machines are not expensive and their operation is almost intuitive.There is a wealth of instructional material on the web. 

Where to store sewn toys for children?

A fabric basket for toys will come in handy for storing hand-made play accessories. Such a basket can also be sewn independently, from thicker cotton linen, linen or jute. Thanks to the use of such a material, it will be easy to wash, if necessary, to get rid of dust. The fabric basket will also be a stylish complement to the arrangement of a child’s room, decorated in a Scandinavian, minimalist or eco style. If we decorate it in the right way, it will easily turn into an element of decoration for a princess’s room or a bag of a little pirate. Self-sewing toys and accessories for children allows you to fully use your imagination, while bringing real satisfaction.